Psychologist is out. Of bounds.

Did I mention I fired my therapist? Oh yeah. The second session should not consist of “I specialize in trauma. Is there anything traumatic you’d like to work on? What about the assault [rape] incident? Did you want to work on that again? Didn’t you read about my specialty on”


No. I’ve dealt with that; I’m good. I’m really don’t need to discuss that in a therapeutic environment; in how many languages does one have to say this was processed over 10 years ago! I went to therapy almost three times a week for 4 months while on summer break from college to process those events.

I’ll never be the same – I still get flashbacks maybe twice a year; a vast improvement from wearing clothes 2 sizes too big, sleeping all day, injuring myself, and avoiding every black man I see on the street [Note: both me and my husband are black. I’d call that a fucking breakthrough, honestly]. I don’t believe this is an avenue I need to walk down again; there’s always a risk of re-traumatization. Some things should just be left alone and to have a professional attempt to pry the door open to demonstrate their “mad skills” is self-serving bullshit.

So I fired them. And had I had hubris like theirs, I’d expect to be out of business soon.


3 thoughts on “Psychologist is out. Of bounds.

  1. This is unbelievable. You have the experience and background to realize this is an atrocious way to work with a patient. But what about all of those people who don’t know? Just awful.

    I hope you find someone soon who is a better fit. As a mental health professional yourself, I can imagine that’s no small feat.


    • I feel horrible for their other patients. They spent some of my session telling me what I had in common with their other patients (hello HIPAA) and twisted my arm to add things onto MY treatment plan. I honestly couldn’t take another hour with them. I hope I can find someone too; being in this profession only raises my expectations. They can’t pass off a bunch of “it’s your mother’s fault – now breathe deep” bullshit and get paid for it. I expect true introspection and assistance, as should anyone – professional or not.


      • I’m sure it’s hard for them to be your therapist, too. Like doctors being patients and having to be treated by other docs. Maybe this particular therapist was even more obnoxious with you because they felt they had something to prove. Or maybe they are simply awful therapists.

        Either way, I hope you can find someone soon. And in the meantime, keep up with that deep breathing. 🙂


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