Three things I pray

While I continue with Step 1, work continues on. Again, working with my patients is fine; it’s the administration that’s a pain in my duff.

Working the day after Christmas wasn’t so bad – the parking lot was empty, a few no-shows, no idle chitchat with co-workers to slow down my day. I went in, worked, and left.

I find that drawing from my experiences, linking it with evidence-based practice, and maintaining professional distance while conducting individual and/or group therapy is fucking draining. I come home every day, throw my purse on the floor, and head directly for my bedroom to change clothes and veg in the bed. Oftentimes this will also be the first time I’ll have used the bathroom since leaving for the office at 8am; I can get home anywhere from 5:45-7:30pm.

Coming home from work during the holidays is no picnic. I’m coming home to more food in the fridge than any other time of the year; another reason why I’m glad I didn’t take the holidays off. I feel compelled to eat what I see in the fridge; I’m trying to limit myself to 1 spoonful of each food item I plan on eating.

ALL CARBS. 5 spoonfuls of carbs and some red meat.

So that’s great. Found a meeting tomorrow night and I’m going. Something has to give here and I’ll be damned if it’s my pancreas or my pant size.


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